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Celebrating ten years of California Chrome

Foaled:  18 February, 2011

California Chrome.  Taylor Made Stallions.  Photo Denise Martin

He bowed to the crowd, but never to the competition

02/18/2021 - Jackson Hole, WY.   The years seem to fly by almost as fast as Chrome himself.  Ten years old, where has the time gone?  The best times were before Chrome was a National hero, when we could play together in the pasture with the other yearling colts.  Chrome’s favorite game was, “Find the cookie.”  Left hand, or right?  He always picked correctly.  After his cookies, and a good scratch behind his ears, he would bolt off.  Leading the herd to run circles around us before veering back to the circle’s center where he knew he could always find more cookies.  I really miss those days, but everyone grows up.  Now we must be content playing with Chrome’s foals.  The circle is not yet complete.

 Happy Birthday Chrome.  We will see you in a few weeks!  May the next decade be your best!


Author:   Perry Martin                                                                                                                                                     Photo: Denise Martin, Taylor Made Stallion Complex

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                                               2021 Stallion Viewing in Hokkaido, Japan                                                          California Chrome is introduced segment 22:30-27:52
pacific classic
California Chrome and Dihigi Gladney.  Seeing Double?  A star and his feature stand-in.       Video:  Denise Martin, Del Mar Race Course
haras sumaya
                             California Chrome sighting his best mare in a nearby pasture.                                             Video:  Denise Martin, Pirque Chile
harris farms Horse division
California Chrome trying to coax his buddy out of the neighboring stall.                        Veterinarian, Jeanne Bowers-Lepore and Chrome keeping an eye on recovering Love the Chase.                                                    Video:  Denise Martin, Coalinga, CA
Growing up California Chrome
                                    Documenting California Chrome's early life at Harris Farms.                                  Power point video:  Denise Martin